The state Senate is expected to vote on the red flag bill gun control bill this week, then it will only require Gov. Polis’s signature to be the law of this land that dozens of counties now say they won’t follow.

Just hours before the session began, Polis finally opened his eyes and saw the tidal wave of discontent surging his way, and all manners of recall efforts over the red flag and other contentious bills.

And then, Polis blinked.

The governor acknowledged the autonomy of county sheriff’s who’ve balked at enforcing the law. Those sheriffs say they already have a safe method, that ensures due process, for removing firearms from the custody of those who pose a danger to themselves or others.

Here’s how Polis is trying to save his political skin, from Colorado Politics:

“Certainly sheriffs have the ability to prioritize their resources in regard to law enforcement,” Polis said Tuesday morning in his office. “But, of course, sheriff also is not a law-making position in our state. It’s a law enforcement division.”

“Every law enforcement agency has to make prioritization a factor. For instance, I supported and was glad the previous (U.S.) attorney general de-prioritized the enforcement of marijuana laws in states where they were legal.”

Speaking of attorneys general, Polis’s statement puts him directly at odds with his own Democrat state Attorney General Phil Weiser, who told sheriffs they should resign if they don’t enforce the red flag law.

So far, 30 counties passed resolutions declaring themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.

If Chaffee County soon joins the ranks, that brings the tally to 31 out of 64 counties.

We fully expect the unconstitutionality of Colorado’s law to be tested and found as such in the federal court system.

Meanwhile, how ‘bout those recalls?