Senate Captain President Leroy Garcia is abandoning ship on the red flag bill leaving Democrats leaderless, fending for themselves, and taking all the blame for their party’s movement to pass the gun control measure.

Garcia’s defection from his leadership role was reported by the Pueblo Chieftain, ground zero for the infamous recall election in 2013 when State Senator Angela Giron lost her seat there, and Democratic State Senate President John Morse was also shown the door.

Now with the red flag bill, Garcia has clearly signaled it’s every Democrat for themselves.

If the rest of the Democratic caucus takes the fall stands together, the measure would squeak to victory on a 18-17 vote.

Many of those Democrats could face recall efforts, while Garcia is making sure he’s not one of them.

The state Senate was supposed to vote the bill Monday, then held it till Tuesday, now it’s expected to come up for a vote today, maybe Thursday.

Could we be seeing more Democrat defectors?

Meanwhile, 30 counties have passed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status, pledging to ignore the state law until the constitutionality has been determined by the courts.