Yesterday, Republican Rep. Tim Geitner accused a Democratic Colorado State Representative of attempting to illegally coerce him to vote for a bill in the House Education Committee. Here is Geitner’s description of the threats levied against him:

“Each of us, as members of this body, is bound by common courtesy and the custom of professionalism to conduct him or herself with honor, integrity, and respect. Yet over the past few weeks, a member of the majority has worked to intimidate and pressure me into supporting a piece of potential policy. She threatened that my lack of support for her bill would mean that no more of my bills would make it out of committee. She clearly threatened to vote against and influence others to vote against my bills. These actions are not worthy of a Colorado Representative; they are also illegal.”

We know exactly who this legislator is and we’re happy to give you a few hints. First, she’s a she.  She’s not from the Denver metro area, but she’s a darling of the business community because she has them convinced that she is a possible swing vote in the crazy mess that is the Colorado State House. Only time will tell. We don’t think she is. Democrats gonna Democrat, but we hear her temper is chile pepper hot.

She may be new to the scene, but someone should probably remind her that vote trading is illegal in the Colorado legislature.