Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze sets state Sen. Kerry Donovan straight.

Was it something we said? Last night, we reported that Democrat Senate President Leroy Garcia planned to vote against the Red Flag bill, which would give police the tools to confiscate guns from those who were a danger to themselves or others. And he did. The bill passed by a one-vote margin. We also revealed that Garcia’s impetus for announcing his position was to throw fellow Democratic Sen. Kerry Donovan under the bus. See, he wanted to blame her for the bill failing (if it failed) so she wouldn’t be a challenger to him in the Third Congressional Democratic primary.

This morning, Donovan fought back. In a feisty Facebook note, Donovan doubled down on her support for the controversial bill.

“I will be voting yes on HR19-1177, the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill. That will make many of you very angry. That will make many of you very happy. That’s the work of politics. This is a commonsense and constitutional bill that will save lives and is supported by 87% of Coloradans. As a rancher, a gun is a tool of my profession to be able to put an injured animal down quickly. But, to many others, a gun can be a deadly weapon. This bill will not solve everything about gun violence. But, we cannot have the expectation that because of that, we should not try to do what we can to help a loved one in crisis.”

That’s all well and good, but Donovan’s district is likely less tolerant of her stance on this particular piece of legislation than she would like. Either way, we have to wonder if Donovan felt it necessary to defend her position because so many were questioning her stance on it.