This afternoon, Republicans from across Colorado gathered at Englewood High School to elect new leadership and, ultimately, U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was selected as the new GOP chairman. Buck faced stiff competition from state Rep. Susan Beckman, state party vice chair Sherrie Gibson, and Steve Barlock.

The way to win here was to get more than 50% of the vote. In the first round, Beckman led Buck by .6%. In the second round, Buck led Beckman by .7%. In the third round, Beckman led by approximately 3.7%. But neither reached more than 50%. Here’s where it gets dramatic. Gibson withdrew her name, despite garnering a decent share of the vote, and endorsed Buck. Buck won by securing 51.3% of the vote on the fourth ballot.

Buck will not step down from his Congressional seat and intends to bring former chairman Steve House back in the executive director role for the day to day.

A huge congratulations to all who fought for this role. Everyone should be proud. While Beckman would have excelled at state party chairman, her talents are in good use in the State House.

Kristi Burton Brown also was elected vice chair and Devin Camacho was elected secretary.