Our plates are already full of moldy mush dished up by the Democrat-controlled legislature like the red flag meat, popular vote potatoes and oil and gas beans.
Now here comes desert, and it’s a huge slice of income tax!

Only they’re not going to call it a tax because of that pesky TABOR thingamabob they can’t make go away.

Instead, Democrats are going to call it a fee, and they’re going to attach it to all of our paychecks and force businesses to come up with more money to pay for more free stuff for the few!

This time, the free stuff is an all-paid, family medical leave act for those few colleagues that require it for three months due to an emergency.

Never mind that many companies already offer paid leave, Democrats want to create a state insurance fund operating with a bigger cut taken from our income taxes, reports the Pueblo Chieftain.

We’ve had several friends who would have benefited from paid family leave, we’re not disputing the need in some cases.

But taxing everyone in the state of the Colorado for the needs of a few is never the answer.

We would urge the legislature to carefully debate this measure and find a fairer solution to the problem that does not tax everyone.

Sadly, careful deliberation is completely lost on our new Democratic-controlled state government.

They’ll rush this tax through before our next laundry day.