This is why Coloradans can’t have nice things, like beer.

We wouldn’t be caught dead drinking this particular beer, but we digress.

Buzz-kill fractivists threatened to boycott The Post Brewing Co. in Lafayette until the brewers caved to their infantile demands to rebrand their Hickenlooper American Ale.

Why are radical environmentalists targeting the Democratic presidential wannabe?

Because Hick failed to outlaw the energy industry, of course. And they’re still mad about it, so no one is allowed to drink beer with the former brewer’s name on the can.

The Post Brewing’s Dave Query quickly apologized for mixing beer with politics in a Facebook post:

“We aimed to launch Hickenlooper Ale as a nod to a local guy and longtime friend makin’ a run at the highest office in the land.”

As is the standard in liberal businesses, political correctness comes first.

The owners immediately caved to the demands of East Boulder County United just days after the new brew was launched.

No word on whether the beer tasted like fracking fluid.