There’s a time for politics and there’s a time for humanity. This is one of those latter times. We clearly have had policy differences with Sen. Michael Bennet in the past, but tonight he announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the young age of 54 and will undergo surgery later this month. We wish him well and hope for a full and quick recovery. Here’s what Sen. Bennet said in a statement:

“Late last month, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. While hearing news like this is never easy, I am fortunate it was detected early, and as a result, my prognosis is good. During the upcoming Senate recess, I will have surgery in Colorado and return to work following a brief recovery.”

Fortunately, Sen. Bennet caught the cancer early and his prognosis is good. Well-wishers, including Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, flooded social media offering prayers for a full recovery for Sen. Bennet.

The next Senate recess is next week. Obviously, the diagnosis gives Bennet more to consider as he weighs a presidential run. If he’s cancer-free following surgery, he will pursue the presidency in 2020. If he’s not, he will have to consider his decision carefully.

Best wishes, Senator, for a quick recovery.