We’d be remiss if we ignored Gov. Polis’s recent grandstanding to appear more business friendly, especially since he’s charging full steam ahead to dismantle our energy economy through the oil and gas bill.

Polis signed a deregulation bill into law permitting children to operate lemonade stand business without the hassle of local control.

While passing more controversial bills in private, the governor seized on this opportunity to share his grand gesture in an official signing ceremony.

Of course, children won’t be completely free to just operate lemonade stands willy nilly like a bunch of anarchists. Democrats also imposed new state rules for them to follow.

They can’t set up shop anywhere near a business where they might be seen as capitalist competitors, and they can only run their stands fewer than 84 days. NOT 85 days, but 84 days, because that’s not as random, or something.

But under Polis’s new lemonade regime, local government is forbidden to require any sort of license or permit to operate. In other words, local control is just too onerous on young entrepreneurs.

Conversely, the oil and gas bill will pass state regulatory control around to all local governments.

Apparently the state is fully capable of regulating the lemonade stand trade, just not its main economic driver.