Last month, Colorado experienced a rare winter phenomenon, the bomb cyclone, which left highways littered with abandoned cars and destruction in its wake. But it didn’t stop Democratic leadership from plowing ahead at the state Capitol. After all, they had controversial bills to pass and the public to disenfranchise.

Tomorrow, Colorado will experience another major blizzard, maybe even another bomb cyclone (or so say the weather folks). On the docket tomorrow are controversial bills like automatic voter registration, campaign finance reform, and rent control. While any legislator who appreciates the democratic process of allowing citizens to testify should take a deep breath and postpone hearings for tomorrow, we have doubts given past refusal to do so by Democratic leadership – specifically Democratic President Leroy Garcia. In short, he put politics over democratic process.

The misstep last month wasn’t without critics, however. 9News‘ Kyle Clark called Garcia out on his BS and it wasn’t pretty. Just watch.

Whether Garcia is persuaded by the negative media attention or by just doing the right thing doesn’t matter. The right thing to do is to cancel committee hearings when the average citizen would endanger themselves or others attending the hearing.