It certainly took long enough, but Gov. Polis has finally rid himself of a troublesome press flack, whose strong-arm tactics upstaged her own boss on the campaign trail.
PeakNation will remember Mara Sheldon from Bernie Sander’s rally that Polis attended, when she reportedly stalked an attendee and tried to wrestle away his cell phone.

Reminisce about that here.

After the campaign, Sheldon stayed on Polis’s payroll through the inauguration, but we haven’t heard a peep from her until now.

She’s been hired by Squire Patton Boggs, and this is where it gets truly frightening,  as a senior policy advisor who will be delving into policy that affects Coloradans.
Her career in strategic communications was obviously short lived.
Nonetheless, her former boss took time out of his busy governing schedule to offer a quote for the ? press release:
“Mara was campaign staffer #1 on my gubernatorial race and a key member of my senior staff team. Her expertise and experience working on the campaign trail and with federal, state and local governments will be huge assets in her new role,” said Governor Polis.
She was such an important part of Polis’s team, he didn’t seem to want to keep her.