When you give your child $20 to buy a bottle of water, and they refuse to return your change because they need it to prevent spending cuts to their iTunes collection and have other spending desires in mind for your money — that’s what the state legislature is trying to do with our property taxes.

No big shock, Democrats admit they are looking for a work-around to the Gallagher Amendment so they can eliminate our 3.5% property tax refund.

Some of those rascally, precocious folks in the Polis administration agreed to talk about their plan to, ahem, avert the tax cut in a Colorado Sun interview — after the story’s deadline.

House Speaker KC Becker did admit there are “ongoing conversations,” but nothing is set in stone. Yet.

The Polis administration, meanwhile, is working up a study to back their dastardly desires for more of our money as for yet unspecified spending.

Hang onto your wallet, only four weeks left in the Democrat-controlled legislature’s wild ride. Thank God.