The Denver Post editorialized against the so-called hysterics following the passage of SB181, the oil and gas regulations bill, by the industry and those who support it. While this piece appears to be written by Democrats in the legislature (looking at you, Speaker Becker), it focused on the recall efforts against Democrat State Rep. Rochelle Galindo.

Let’s be clear, Galindo ran on a neutral position on Proposition 112, the setback ballot initiative that would have similarly damaged the oil and gas industry, and, then, voted for something that was even more damaging. Keep in mind, she represents the heart of oil and gas country in Colorado and the House didn’t even need her vote with Democrats’ supermajority. Recipe for recall.

But that’s not what Democrats want you to think. They want you to think it’s because she’s gay and Latino. That’s false. Here are three ways in which Democrats are being dishonest regarding the Galindo recall:

  1. Democrats claim that the recall effort is being led by people who are motivated by the fact that Galindo is gay. While there was a pastor, who said some strange things about Galindo’s sexuality, initially involved in a different recall effort against Galindo, his effort has failed and he has since gone by the wayside. The people of Greeley and Weld County knew she was gay when they elected her and they will know it when they recall her. The reason she’s being recalled is that she voted against the interests of her community. It’s really that simple. Anyone who tries to make this about her sexuality is just trying to distract from her terrible legislative record.
  2. Now-State Treasurer Dave Young, who previously held Galindo’s seat in House District 50 claimed that he reformed oil and gas in 2013 (not coincidentally when Democrats also held the House, Senate and Governor’s seat). That cannot be possible. See, Democratic Senate President Steve Fenberg claimed that oil and gas regulations hadn’t been updated in 50 years. As a side note, the 2013 regulations were nowhere near what the industry is facing today. Well, which is it? Was the oil and gas industry regulated in 2013 or not since 1969? We’re confused.
  3. Democrats want you to believe that recalls are bad…today. They sang a different tune in 2015 when the teachers union spent buckets of money to recall members of a school board. In fact, State Rep. Jesse Danielson was proud of her participation in the 2015 Jeffco recalls as Twitter reminded us:

Either way, remember this when Democrats start whining about how awful this recall is. They ought to look in the mirror.