Naysayers are thumbing their noses at the anger boiling over among Republicans and some independents who are organizing recall efforts against Gov. Polis, Democratic lawmakers for the Red Flag Law, and repealing the Popular Vote Law.

Granted, the efforts will require a ton of money and organization to pull off any one of them, but one thing’s for damn certain — recalls are uniting the GOP like never before.

They’re fed up, they’re angry, and they are organizing against the Democratic Powers that Be now controlling our state and laws.

They’re recruiting their independent friends who are also frustrated with what they’ve seen so far, and while we don’t expect to see many, if any Democrats rallying to recall Polis, their enthusiasm is diminishing with each new tax proposed.

The first official Recall Polis office opened Saturday at 410 Main Street in Longmont. Juli-Andra Fuentes told Complete Colorado they have 35,000 Facebook followers and 150 active volunteers across the state.

Polis would be the first Gov. in Colorado to face a recall if the attempt is successful. To make it onto the ballot the group needs signatures from more than 600,000 registered voters, and they will have just 60 days to gather that number, although Fuentes said they are aiming for 900,000 to account for any deemed invalid.

Democrats have quickly proven they will not govern in any semblance of a bipartisan manner. It’s either their way, or the highway — and by the way, they now want to raise your sales taxes for highways.

It will take a Herculean effort to recall the governor. Overturning the Popular Vote law won’t require as many signatures, and legislator recalls even less.

Whatever the outcome, we hope Republicans will use this opportunity to get organized like the Democrats have been doing for years, strike up a few protests along the way or thrown a parade.

Just keep up that pressure through the 2020 elections, because we can’t take much more of their kind of leadership.