Today, liberal Gov. Jared Polis signed SB19-181, a law that liberals claim is the most comprehensive law in 50 years (or something) regulating oil and gas. On hand for the signing appeared to be Polis’ biggest fans, including Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera and Senate President Steve Fenberg. Those not fans of the oil and gas legislation? Families who depend on oil and gas for their jobs, elected officials in Weld County, and the trade associations.

While the Twitter trolls claim it’s because oil and gas can “no longer write its regulations” which is laughable, the truth is that it’s because this bill is really harmful to oil and gas. Here are just a few of the statements from the real stakeholders in this process.

Dan Haley, Colorado Oil and Gas Association:

“While we appreciated and supported a few critical amendments that were added to address some of our concerns and that provide a degree of certainty for our member companies, we still oppose the legislation.”

Ben Marter, Colorado Petroleum Council:

“Governor Polis’ signature makes Senate Bill 181 law, which fundamentally alters the natural gas and oil industry’s future in the State of Colorado. From the introduction of the measure early last month, our industry vigorously opposed the policy and the process. Senate Bill 181 remains a threat to one of the foundations of Colorado’s economy.”

Weld County Board of Commissioners:

“We know the value of the oil and gas industry, even if others in this state don’t. We appreciate the hard work the men and women, employed by the industry do day-in and day-out to make sure we have heat and light in our homes, as well as fuel to power our cars, trucks and tractors. We value the revenue the industry provides to its families, enabling them to enjoy financial stability. We understand the importance of small businesses that support those families and thereby support the industry. We know the significance of the tax revenue generated by the industry to our education system and our fire, water and recreation districts. We appreciate the national security this country enjoys because of locally produced oil and gas.”

Energy workers: