Liberals running amok in the state legislature found another way to raid our wallets for dubious services — they’ve created special taxing districts like for fire and police, only this time it’s for stuff to be decided later that affects, you know, the children.

The “Early Childhood Development Special District” bill swept through the legislature within weeks, and has already been signed by Gov. Polis into law.

Here’s how it taxes:

The bill authorizes the creation of early childhood development service districts (districts) to provide services for children from birth through 8 years of age. Early childhood development services are defined to include early care and educational, health, mental health, and developmental services, including prevention and intervention.

It doesn’t explain how or why we need to intervene with infants, or what we’re preventing, except for our own discretionary spending for the money we earn.

Are the taxpayers now responsible for parenting? Is the state going to snatch children from birth for early socializing and government rearing?

Special tax districts are intended for areas in short need of funding, for example, police services that everyone uses, building new fire stations that benefit everyone, funding libraries free for us all.

How are localities going to define a special tax district that just includes children up to eight years of age?

Karl Honegger with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers says there are no other district like this in the U.S., and he along with Marty Neilson are already organizing a — you guessed it — recall.

The Secretary of State’s office approved the referendum petition last week for the fall election. They need 124,000 signatures.

Those interested in helping the cause can contract them at [email protected]