We have good news and bad news, and it’s the same news — Gov. Jared Polis delivered on very few promises during his first 100 days in office.

Also known as the time period when the state legislature does most of the work for him to sign.

We’re relieved Polis hasn’t made due on his crazy campaign pledges, which gave us bizarre nightmares of living in some alternative Seattle universe commune ruled by bald and bearded ponies wearing party-stripped birthday hats that wouldn’t share their cake with a mass of starving fish (you had to be there, it was terrifying).

But seriously, hasn’t this session been emotionally and financially draining enough with everything Polis did get done?

Apparently not.

The Colorado Sun is featuring a handy dandy little item that’s sort of a pledge-o-meter to track Polis’s 125 campaign promises.

So far Polis has accomplished three promises. That’s right, only three — the red flag gun bill, medical marijuana for children with autism, and allowing communities to tax tobacco.

Those other pains in our economy like the oil and gas getouttahere law is only part of a promise, and the national popular vote was just some sort of cyanide cherry on top.

Check out the full list here, in case you’ve forgotten the extent of the shi$ storm we’re in for.