Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has successfully treated his prostate cancer. A couple of weeks ago, Bennet announced that he would undergo surgery to treat the cancer, and if doctors successfully removed it, he would hop (back?) on the presidential campaign trail. If not, he would stand down. It looks like he’s headed back in Iowa/New Hampshire/other early primary state.

While he’s a political opponent, he’s also a human being and we’re glad for him and his family that he caught his prostate cancer early and it was treated quickly. We wish him continued recovery and good health.

Now, we will get back to our regularly scheduled ribbing of the Senator for his quixotic presidential run. Bennet has not officially announced; however, the names of the 14 (yes, 14) candidates who have made the cut for the Democratic primary presidential debates already was announced. It’s possible he could be included after officially announcing. There’s a polling threshold of just 1% in three polls.

But 1% doesn’t win elections and certainly not Democratic primaries. Then again, is Bennet really running to win the nomination or just position himself as a cabinet member for the eventual nominee?