The devil’s in the details, like when Denver Mayor Hancock says he supports the camping ban, only it turns out he might support camping sites for the homeless.

So long as the campsites are sanctioned, and have lots of services, that we assume won’t require any more of his campsite sweeps, which he still supports.

Confused? So are we.

Here’s what happened in the mayoral campaign so far this week on the issue:

Several mayoral candidates attended a movie and discussion about homelessness Tuesday night, where the topic of sanctioned campsites was applauded by the candidates who attended.

Hancock was not one of them, he sent a spokeswoman who committed His Honor to being open about the idea of sanctioned campsites for the homeless.

Occupy Wall Street, and all its nasty offshoots that were breeding grounds for public health problems and crime, springs to mind.

We are to suppose sanctioned camping will be different, because this sanctioning would come with rules and people offering city services and support, perhaps abandoned school buildings in a neighborhood near you.

Jamie Giellis and Penfield Tate said sanctioned camps are a swell idea, and Lisa Calderón thinks it’s a useful path out of homelessness and into uhm, camping capable or something.

Anyway, at a Wednesday debate hosted by Channel 9 News, Hancock was there in person to defend the city’s actions in homeless camp sweeps, and said it’s necessary to address public health issues in the camps and he will do it again in the future. If elected.

We suppose next time, assuming Hancock is reelected, the sweeps would be in sanctioned camps supported by Hancock.

Which is completely different, we are supposed to believe, from his support for a camping ban.