Call us cynical, but Mayor Hancock announced the city’s planned all along — it’s only coincidence he’s telling us right before an election — that he will solve the homeless problem by spending millions of tax dollars to create more bureaucracy.

Mayoral challenger Penfield Tate III called the plan what it is, “an election season ploy” to make voters think the homeless problem will all be under control soon.

All we need are millions of tax dollars, and some private donations, to enable fix the problem.

For example, Hiz Honor wants $5 million for 200 vouchers to help folks move into a home. We’ll save you the math, that’s $25,000 each. Minus the costs of the new bureaucracy, we imagine only a few hundreds bucks per needy homeless person would be available.

Then there’s the $10.7 million Hancock wants for homeless day care centers, places for them to go when shelters are closed.

Just like fire and police, Hancock thinks the government should have an agency in charge of housing. No, not for low income folks, for homeless people who just happen to have little money.

See the difference? We don’t either.