Now that the Democratic state legislature has completed its task of steering votes away from GOP presidential candidates through the Popular Vote Law, they’re focused on cornering more votes for themselves by adjusting the voting age ever so slightly.

They were hoping no one would notice. But, we did.

Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Stephen Fenberg and state Rep. Susan Lontine, the Colorado Votes Act allows 17-year-olds kids to vote in party caucuses and primaries if their 18th birthday falls before Election Day.

That way, 18-year-olds don’t just pick up a ballot all by themselves and try to cast it on Election Day like they normally would.

Young voters are in need of party indoctrination, preferably, Democrat, according to how we read the bill, which has already passed the House and now moves to the Senate.

We’re not saying teenagers spend all their time watching videos on sports and getting make-up tips (just the ones we know).

Some are actually very involved in community activism and politics under the direction of teacher unions the public school system.

And, we’ve seen many others keenly getting up to speed on the latest congressional debates on their cell phone, while driving all over the road in front of us like drunken NASCAR racers.

Republicans argue Democrats are not aiming to making voting easier for everyone, just the target groups they think will vote Democrat — like young kids and those dependent on government Medicaid checks.

And they are right.