I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

On Friday, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper took his turn as lead joker in the twenty-person clown car chasing the Democrat nomination, when at a candidate Q&A in Las Vegas he admitted he could not recall what GDP stood for. A quote to be exact from the Washington Examiner:

“Let’s take healthcare as a whole where next year we’ll be at 18% of our GDP. Our gross, whatever that stands for, demographic product.”

He followed that up admitting that he should know what the term stands for, but he just cannot remember. Ummmm…right. Given Democrats’ penchant for identity politics, we can understand why he might think the “D” stands for demographic, but, alas, it stands for DOMESTIC.

We thought it couldn’t get more embarrassing for Hickenlooper than his misguided public account of the time he took his mother to see porn, but back then we were laughing with him, not at him. Well, sort of. Cringing, too.

This time people are definitely laughing at him.  And seriously questioning what this guy is actually doing in the race.  To be honest, we don’t know.

Some local radio talk show hosts are speculating that his presidential race is setting him up to run against Cory Gardner next year, but we don’t really buy into that line of reasoning. Would he really be interested flying across the country every week for the next six years?  We kind of doubt it, and besides, we are big fans of the “simplest explanation” explanation: if he really wanted to run for U.S. Senate, he would run for US Senate, not something else. Plus, he admitted that he would not be a good Senator.

But regardless of his current political aspirations, Hickenlooper is looking more foolish each day that he is subject to the critical press coverage focused on a person who raises their hand for the highest office in the land.  To quote a favorite movie line, we suspect Hick is thinking, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Colorado anymore.”