As if this session of the liberal-controlled General Assembly session wasn’t painful enough, Democrats want to hold a special session to waste even more of our tax dollars and stomp on our rights.

Democrats have nearly 130 bills they somehow couldn’t pass during the 120 day session, which adjourns on midnight Friday.

The problem, Democrats whine, is the mean Republicans who are actually debating the merits of bills, instead of just passing laws without a second glance — the same method of legislating that brought us Obamacare.

Still on the to-do-list with only three days left, are:

  • Nicotine tax
  • Sex education in schools
  • Handling Sexual assaults on college campuses
  • So-called rent controls
  • Allowing local minimum wages
  • Banning styrofoam
  • Climate bill
  • Vaccination exemptions
  • Limiting immigration authority
  • Health care reinsurance for health insurance that doesn’t work, either.
  • And, more taxpayer-subsidized sober living facilities.

We don’t have a price tag for how much all of that would cost if passed into law.

However, holding a special session for lawmakers who can’t complete their work in a timely manner would cost taxpayers $25,400 a day.