When the jobs-killing Senate Bill 181 passed and Governor Polis signed it into law, he declared a truce in the so-called oil and gas wars; although, it’s important to point out that the ones waging war were radical environmentalists on the industry, not the other way around. Nonetheless, here’s a quote from when Polis signed the legislation into law:

“Today, with the signing of this bill, it is our hope that the oil and gas wars that have enveloped our state are over. Let me be clear. This bill gives the industry and residents certainty and comfort and Colorado will be the better for it.”

Let us be clear. This bill gives nobody certainty, especially when radical environmental group, 350.org, is reported to have issued a call for comments asking for a 2,500-foot setback and an immediate moratorium on oil and gas development. Well, that was fast.

Color us shocked.

In case you forgot, PeakNation™, voters literally voted down a 2500-foot setback less than six months ago by a 10-point margin. We get that Governor Polis may not have control over 350.org and related organizations, but, then, why the illusion of declaring the war over? Was that to reassure the public or was that to convey to 350.org to STFU? Does that mean that Polis, despite his protests, in reality had control over the ballot initiative? How can you declare a war over if you have no control over the war itself?

Either way, radical environmentalists will not stop until they “Keep It in the Ground.”