This has to be one of the most cowardly political maneuverings we’ve seen a while and that’s saying a lot.

When sole finalist for the University of Colorado President slot, Mark Kennedy, was going through the process, the CU Board of Regents voted unanimously to advance him as the sole finalist. That’s why the protest votes of CU Regents Irene Griego and Linda Shoemaker is so disingenuous. Even worse, Griego was actually on the presidential search committee responsible for finding Kennedy.

Today, the day before the planned vote to approve Kennedy by CU Regents, the Denver Post, which has increasingly (if that’s possible) leaned more and more left thanks (we’ve heard) to Denver Post editor Lee Ann Colacioppo, saying that Kennedy is the wrong choice.

These are all unfounded reactions to Kennedy. In fact even the Denver Post acknowledged the partisanship involved in the critique: “we are displeased and a little sickened by the orchestrated opposition to Kennedy based not on his qualifications but on his political affiliation.”

CU Regent Chance Hill penned a lengthy Facebook note about the criticism of Kennedy:

“Ironically, in this instance Mr. Kennedy’s broadly conservative worldview has little bearing on most of the duties he would perform as CU President, a job largely focused on fundraising and implementing a strategic plan. In reality, because of teacher tenure and already existing policies rightfully protecting academic freedom, the CU President has minimal-to-no impact on curriculum development or faculty hiring. Mark Kennedy has publicly and repeatedly reaffirmed that he would not infringe on those decisions. But when it comes to liberals’ analysis, these facts don’t matter. In their eyes Mark Kennedy is nothing more than a (gasp!) conservative Republican who fails their ideological litmus test.”

In short, the weeping and gnashing of teeth is all orchestrated by Boulder liberals who are so intolerant that they can’t bear that someone who doesn’t share their viewpoint leading their precious institution.

So, with that in mind, we recommend the vote happens tomorrow as scheduled and we hope he’s confirmed, if for no other reason than to force Boulder liberals to eat crow. And, look, Bruce Benson didn’t exactly sail through the vote and he’s been objectively terrific. What’s the worst that could happen – that Boulder liberals would have to interact with a Republican (shudder)?