As the clock at the state legislature winds down for the year, Democrats are having to make some tough decisions. The decision to let die on the calendar a bill that would have permitted rent control across Colorado should have been an easy one. Yesterday, Senate Democrats laid over until Thursday Senate Bill 225, which would have lifted a ban on rent control so that places like Boulder and Denver can fully implement the worst economic policy ever.

Laying the bill over until Thursday in the Senate was a gentle way of killing the rent control bill as there would be no time to pass it through the rest of the Senate and the House before session ends on Friday. (Likewise, any bill that hasn’t made it through its chamber of origination by today will die as there will not be enough time to get it through the next chamber.)

But, back to rent control.

This fringe bill was primarily championed by Bernie disciples. In addition, as the Denver Post reported, rent control isn’t even supported by voters. Less than 20% of voters (likely the far left) think rent control is the best option to address Colorado’s housing crunch. The real question is why Democrats let the bill languish for as long as they did when they have other bills that are more central to their agenda.

Then again, we’ve complained before that the Democratic leadership is incompetent. This might just be one more example.