Democrats finally noticed that Colorado senator guy is running for president, only in a bad way.

A group of progressive Democrats are attacking Bennet in a new TV and digital commercial that accuses him, of all things, of going to easy on Trump’s judicial nominees.

“Donald Trump is giving our courts a right-wing makeover, and Senator Michael Bennet is helping him do it,” the announcer in the spot said.

This comes as news to most Coloradans, who are still smarting from that smack down Bennet gave to the Supreme Court nominee from our own state, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

We find it incredulous that Bennet would be stacking the bench with Trump nominees from other states while voting against a Coloradan for the top bench.

Yet that’s what the group claims, that Bennet voted for 67% of Trump’s nominees.
The group, by the way is called Demand Justice, and is run by Hillary Clinton’s former presidential press secretary.

That’s kind of a double slap in the face for Bennet, who was booed at the 2016 convention for super delegating the nomination win from Bernie Sanders to Clinton.

The ad buy is for $10,000, and will run in New Hampshire.