Colorado, watch out. Failed statewide candidate Alice Madden, who lost to Heidi Ganahl for CU Regent At Large, is throwing her hat in the ring for the opportunity to challenge U.S. Senator Cory Gardner in 2020. We assume that Pat Stryker or John Podesta agreed to bankroll her campaign.

Madden is the 11th candidate to come forward for the Democratic primary and it appears as though she would like the oil and gas industry to (rightfully) reject her candidacy as her opening salvo read:

“I am, as of now, really the leading climate and clean energy champion in this race. And that’s why I got in this race, because I know there wasn’t anybody else, frankly, who could go to Washington and make things happen right away on this issue. It’s what I will lead on; it’s the first thing I’ll attack.”

Everyone wants clean energy, but what she’s really talking about is greater support for green energy – you know, the one that isn’t ready for prime time, and greater regulation of existing energy sources, you know, the ones that when developed at home keep us from going to war in the Middle East. This is code for continue the attacks on the oil and gas industry. Just FYI.

In addition, Madden doesn’t exactly have a clean background herself. Here are just a few of the headlines that we remember from Madden’s 2016 run against Ganahl:

And those are just the ones we remember. We wish her the best of luck in an 11-way primary.