U.S. Rep. Jason Crow has doubled down on his disrespectful behavior by refusing to apologize for the political stunt he and Sen. Michael Bennet pulled at the Highlands Ranch STEM school shooting vigil.

Is Crow even listening to himself?

If you want to move forward by listening to the students, Crow, then you should have been listening when one said, “We are people, not a statement.” 

Even the statements by Crow and Bennet prior to the vigil show how completely insensitive our so-called sensitive and caring Democratic leaders have become in the pursuit of their political agenda.

Crow, like many liberals, simply does not understand this process called grieving.

Not all of us are programed to political action when a loved one is killed.

Some of us are human, and the best we can muster after public tragedies like this, is to contain and deal with our own grief, to say goodbye to those we’ve lost, and find our own way to keep on living without them.

It is not weak to feel empathy for the suffering of another, Mr. Crow.

There’s been no apology from Bennet, either, for causing the disruption.

As a matter of fact, there is no mention of the incident at all on Bennet’s presidential Twitter feed, except for this ironic, yet disgusting retweet:

Shame on Crow and Bennet.