Despite the many headlines late yesterday declaring magic mushrooms decriminalized in Denver, it’s not a done deal.

We’re still waiting on overseas ballots that have a May 18 deadline to arrive and be counted.

So far, mushrooms are ahead by 1,979 votes.

While 176,661 votes were cast for the mushroom measure, a total of 185,081 ballots were cast overall in this election — a 39% turnout. 

So while the measure is leading, there are still 8,420 ballots that could be counted before the election is officially over.

As these are mostly expected to be military voters, the old adage is they tend to weigh in conservatively, so we shall see whether they are in favor of calling off the prosecutorial dogs for folks indulging in a little hallucinogenic recreation.

Or more disturbing, for stay-at-home dads who say they are depressed and need psilocybin to deal and stuff, like Decriminalize Denver campaign chairman Kevin Matthews.

While we’re waiting on the final results, we fully expect some doofus to step off a plane at DIA and wander into a pot shop thinking they can actually buy magic mushrooms in Denver now.

Through our non-hallucinating lens, the optics of this whole decriminalization measure are just one bad trip, dude.