U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet managed to scrape a Democrat off the bottom of his shoe to sort of endorse him.

For those of you too young to remember, that man is James Carville, also known affectionately by his own wife Mary Matalin as “Serpent Head.”

Carville is a washed up political advisor whose claim to fame — for which we’ve never forgiven him — was getting Bill Clinton elected president.

Carville went on to sully his political career even further by standing by his man through shameful sex scandals, a House impeachment, and Senate impeachment trial.

Not only is Bennet proud of this lukewarm endorsement for his candidacy (as opposed to an actual presidency), he’s using this as a brag to raise enough campaign donations so he can sit at the adult debate table with other Democrats this summer.

To be honest, we were surprised Carville had even heard of Michael Bennet, and did some digging to find the context of this quote.

Okay, so we Googled it.

Interestingly, the quote doesn’t even exist in the Googlesphere.

Carville might have said it in passing on one of the 24-hour news cable stations to pass the time of day.

But it wasn’t notable to anyone, except Bennet.