There’s a reason incumbent politicians duck debates, they are the incumbent and have all the advantages that come with it, including name recognition, funding, and a record.

So what does it say about an incumbent politician who challenges his competitor — who hardly anyone has even heard of — to debate nearly every day before the election?

It says they are desperate and about to get their whompus kicked — by an unknown newcomer.

Yet that is exactly what Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has done — challenged Jamie Giellis to12 debates in the 25 days before their June 4 runoff.
As Colorado Politics points out, that’s a debate every other day.

Who would host these debates?

Who cares!

Hancock’s people think special interest groups are bound to come flooding out of the woodwork any minute now to summons them to all these made-up forums about stuff and things.

Giellis’s campaign hasn’t gotten back on whether they will accept the challenge, and why should they?

If Hancock’s severe lapse in political judgement is any indicator, she may already be ahead of him in the race.