An organization dedicated to recruiting and electing female Democrats to office doubled down on support of embattled now former state Rep. Rochelle Galindo. That is, until news, ahem, emerged that Galindo‘s accuser was a fellow Democrat female.

Yesterday, news broke that Galindo was resigning her seat after she had been accused of sexual assault. That’s when Emerge pledged its support for Galindo. Just wait. This matters. It was only later that the public learned that Galindo‘s accuser was one of her former campaign staffers. We’ve heard the alleged victim is a female, which would make sense since Galindo is a lesbian. Stop – this is not a value judgment, it’s a well-known fact.

Here’s Emerge’s statement about Galindo‘s resignation where the political organization irrationally blames Republicans:

Ironically, it was three Weld County women – Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Independence Institute’s Amy Oliver Cooke, and activist Stacey Kjeldgaard, who initiated the recall effort. We’d hardly call these three sexist. Unfortunately, this was a case of blue on blue violence, unless Galindo‘s campaign was in the habit of hiring Republicans. We kid. That absolutely did not happen. This person described as a “young woman” by several news outlets is definitely a Democrat.

Our hypothesis? It wasn’t until Emerge realized that the victim was a Democrat and a woman that they took the allegations of sexual assault seriously, which, of course, is the wrong answer.

If the shoe was on the other foot, Emerge would have freaked out with requests that we believe victims. (And, we do, but ironically can’t be sure that Emerge does.)

It would seem that Emerge only believes Democrat victims, and that’s why the Democratic party can never be trusted to be the party of women again.