Earlier today, rumors swirled that the Greeley Police Department would not pursue charges against Democratic former state Rep. Rochelle Galindo for allegedly sexually assaulting a female campaign staffer. Fortunately, Complete Colorado followed the trail and found that these reports were and are false.

Here’s what Complete reported from a conversation with Greeley Police Sgt. Joe Tymkowych:

“Tymkowych said he does not know where the information came from, adding it is incorrect. He said the official remarks from the police department have been the same to all members of the media, which as of Tuesday, according to Tymkowych, were:

  • There is an active ongoing investigation against Rochelle Galindo.
  • There are still several reports the police need to gather.
  • There have been no decisions made by the police department in regard to the accusations.
  • When the investigation is complete, police will determine whether to recommend charges to the Weld County District Attorney’s office. At that time, the report may be released to the public. But it will be redacted.”

So, there you have it. Despite rumors to the contrary (perhaps spread by Democrats who would love for this to go away), no determination about whether charges will be filed has been made by anyone. We’ll just let the police do its job.