We’re still six weeks away from the first Democratic presidential debate with 20 contenders on stage, and the Washington Post is already predicting Colorado’s senior senator will be one of the three who won’t make the cut.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet continues to rank below “someone else” in national polls, and candidates must show at least one percent of support in multiple polls or collect contributions from 65,000 unique donors in 20 states.

“It’s a traffic jam in Iowa and New Hampshire,” said Craig Hughes, a senior adviser to Sen. Michael F. Bennet (Colo.), “especially for those running who currently serve in Congress, putting weekend travel at a premium.”

Right, that whole Congressional gig is really putting a damper on Bernie Sanders’ 2nd place showing.

Bennet has managed to pull one percent in at least one national poll, running in 12th place — behind four other members of Congress.

However, Bennet’s been going the contributor route to get on the debate stage, rather than waste time trying to capture that elusively consistent one percent of support.

So while the adults in the campaign will debating topics of national importance on the big stage come June 26, Bennet will be in the wings, playing in his sandbox full of $1 bills.