A new study released this week by the University of Colorado shows no significant change in U.S. methane emissions since 2006.  This time period coincides with a 46% increase in U.S. natural gas production.  Another inconvenient fact that you won’t find pundits yapping about on the network propaganda outlets.

This study, conducted by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) showed methane emissions ten times lower than other studies claiming to measure methane trends.

Why such a vast difference?  The genius scientists running past studies to measure methane in the atmosphere were actually measuring ethane, and then erroneously extrapolating an out-sized increase in methane output due to oil and gas drilling. In fact, the CIRES study called out “major over-estimations of oil and gas emissions trends in some previous studies.”

It turns out that if you want to measure changes in methane, it is best to measure methane, and not something else.  Brilliant concept, unless you are a “climate scientist” with an agenda.

The CIRES study demonstrated that since 2006, methane in U.S. air was rising at the same pace as the world as a whole, demonstrating that energy production has no statistical influence on methane emissions in the U.S. Methane is mainly produced by decomposition in wetlands, agriculture/livestock, rice fields, and biomass burning, and it is a focus of the environmentalist movement because many current scientists believe that it is the second most potent greenhouse gas, behind carbon dioxide.

At least that is what some of them are saying now.  While that view will almost certainly change (anyone remember acid rain), Colorado Democrats are working to destroy this most important industry in our state. Every. Single. Day.

Can someone please tell the know-nothings who pushed SB-181?