Denver Mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis has had a tough couple of weeks. After coming in second in the Denver Mayoral contest and qualifying for a run-off against sitting Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Giellis was in a really good place. Then, came the horrible NAACP gaffe, the weird low-rider Latino event, and a tweet from years ago questioning why Asians needed their own “Chinatowns.”

Needless to say, the Giellis mayoral campaign has been in damage control mode almost since qualifying for the run-off. Today, there was another pile on. Giellis apparently used prominent Asian leaders photos (perhaps as a way to show that she “has Asian friends”) on her website. The only problem is that she didn’t first get their permission and they don’t endorse her campaign.


Here’s part of a statement from Harry Budisiharta:

“I do not appreciate my photo being used on her website as some sort of a prop given her dismissal of our community letter as a “political game.” I have asked Jamie Giellis’ campaign to remove my photo and I am posting this FB status to make it clear to everybody that I am not taking sides in this mayoral campaign.”

Ouch. You can read the rest of his statement below.

That’s not to say that we’re rooting for Hancock in the run-off. Giellis was right. He led an organization in which sexual harassment prevailed. The buck stops with him and he, at the very least, permitted such shenanigans.

We can’t believe these two are the best that Denver has to offer its voters. Then again, that’s on Democrats.