Earlier today, Democrat City Councilmember Albus Brooks relayed that he had been the victim of negative campaigning that invoked racist themes. In short, someone put his face on the body of a monkey. In case you don’t live in Denver, Brooks is black, so that’s pretty offensive. Here’s the flier and Brooks’ statement:

What makes this even worse? His opponent, communist Candi CdeBaca’s implication that Brooks sent these flyers himself. What is wrong with this woman? Here’s a few snippets from social media as reported by Westword.

From CdeBaca’s Facebook (after Brooks shared the flier):

“This is a pretty pathetic grasp at straws. Low even for you considering you know my family is biracial. Someone who knows me or our campaign very clearly knows this would never come from our camp but nice try. This feels more in alignment with what you are doing. Unlike you, I have stuck to the facts and reality. Try again. Our supporters know better and if this is the best your camp can do to activate your supporters, good luck and godspeed to you.”

Definitely someone with the emotional maturity to lead Denver. It’s insane to blame Brooks for a smear campaign like this. Her Twitter response was just as bad:

Do we embrace Brooks’ policy positions? Nope. But CdeBaca is just unhinged.