Is it June 4th yet? Denver’s mayoral race has gone from painful to exhausting. Last night at a debate, incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock basically offended all women – especially his wife – by basically saying that his dirty talk isn’t illegal if the recipient is into it. Um, ok. Of course, he later apologized:

“I misspoke last night in a heated debate, and I want to apologize. The most important thing in all of this is that my behavior seven years ago was unacceptable and inappropriate. There is no justification for it, and it’s something I am deeply sorry for.”

Insurgent Jamie Giellis took advantage of the snafu and held a press conference today with the target of Hancock’s inappropriate tweets, Leslie Branch-Wise, who called Hancock a “pitiful, desperate liar.” Apparently, she was not that into him.

We’re pretty sure Hancock’s wife was calling him worse.

So, to recap this mayoral run off, Giellis apparently hates minorities – especially Chinese people, and Hancock disrespects women.

We’ve asked this a million times if we’ve asked it once – seriously, isn’t there a single better person to run for Denver mayor than either of these two or any of the others involved in the original election?

We’re just looking forward to June 4th so we can turn our eyes back to the Democrats’ other dumpster fire, the U.S. Senate primary.