Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is determined to stand by her decision to collaborate with Planned Parenthood to initiate the Alabama travel ban in protest of the state’s new abortion law.

And even though it’s Griswold job to be the gatekeeper of lobbyists and conduct oversight, she insists that coordinating her press release with them was purely political professional.

Here’s what she told 9 News’s Kyle Clark:

“I think it’s important to reach out to all different types of organizations and communities and making the decision. I reached out to Planned Parenthood. They didn’t reach out to me. I reached out to them because they’re a leading expert on women’s healthcare. We did not ask for polling information. I had conversations with the president of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood and stand by my decision. I stand by the press release.”

But she did not “reach out to all different types of organizations and communities,” she only reached out to pro-choice lobbyists.

And though she didn’t ask for polling information, that’s how Planned Parenthood responded when they recommended changing specific language in the press release because their polling showed “pro-life/pro-choice” language is polarizing and “turns folks off.”

That will be useful advice if Griswold decides to challenge U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, which we think is the real reason she has doubled down on what appears to be an ethical violation.

It’s not surprising they would throw a little polling intel her way, considering they spent more than $6,000 to help get Griswold elected.