A poll of pups belonging to Democratic presidential hopefuls reveals that voters are more enamored with the dogs belonging to John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet than they are with the actual candidates.

Though not by much.

Bennet and Hick’s dogs came in a five-way tie for last place, with each dog registering 5% of the vote.
Candidates were not identified with the dogs, which were judged only on their names, and 1,200 voters were surveyed.

Here are the results:


The winner seems to be none of the above with 17%, followed by 14% undecideds.

We love all dogs, and hate to see them name-shamed like this.

But seriously, how could the name “Buddy” beat out Hickenlooper’s Akita-bulldog-Chow Chow mix Skye, or Bennet’s dog Pepper?

Yet with 5% of the vote, the dogs are leading their masters, who each have a Real Clear Politics polling average of 0.2%