Mary Young, wife of current State Treasurer Dave Young, was selected by a vacancy committee to replace former Rep. Rochelle Galindo, who resigned under a cloud of suspicion involving accusations of alcohol, underage campaign workers, and alleged sexual assault.  Young received six of the nine votes cast by the committee.

The Greeley Democrat was chosen after a two-hour question and answer session with a total of six people who expressed interest in the role.  Young’s appointment will keep the seat in Democrat hands, as Galindo opted to step down before being recalled or expelled from the State House of Representatives based on the criminal investigation that was initiated against her last month.  That decision put the decision on who would take her place with the Democrat vacancy committee for HD-50.

In addition to being married to the state treasurer, Young is a psychologist by training, which should serve her well in the General Assembly.  Before even stepping foot into the capitol building in her new role, she was able to shamelessly achieve cognitive dissidence relating to recent legislation passed against the oil and gas industry, the most important employer in her district, when she told the Greeley Tribune that she did not see anything in SB-181 that would have a “negative impact” on the energy industry. Perhaps she didn’t look close enough or truly does not understand the oil and gas industry.

The Greeley Tribune also noted that the career government worker promised to get to work on “deconstructing TABOR” right away.

State Treasurer Dave Young was a member of the vacancy committee, but he recused himself from the vote.