Remember Democrats’ pledge to stay out of party primaries this time around — the lie we’ve poked so many holes in, they’re starting to look like a pin cushion?

Here’s more proof of their treachery — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has blacklisted all vendors who dare work with any candidate challenging an incumbent.

Leftist critics are calling it a “gatekeeper mentality” that diminishes new ideas and protects the white male incumbency, while worsening divisions within the party.

The new policy will impact campaigns following in the footsteps of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a woman who beat a white male incumbent last year, Salon reports. Plus, yet another attempt to dethrone U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette.

Steve Welchert, a spokesman for Crisanta Duran, DeGette’s challenger, called the Democrats new policy “bullying.”

Apparently, it’s having an impact on Duran’s campaign.

“It is having a chilling effect on everyone’s capacity to move forward,” said Welchert.

Meanwhile, DeGette’s 2018 challenger Saira Rao is still smarting over that defeat.

She’s been on a wild Twitter rant recently against all white people whom she proclaims as racist, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats.

After her primary defeat, Rao said that she was ready to “give up” on white people, blaming them for her loss. Before her loss, Rao also wrote an open letter to the Democratic party in the Huffington Post, ripping them for not doing enough to combat racism.

In light of the Democrats’ new blackballing rule against challengers, Rao’s paranoid rantings might have a sliver of truth to them.