Well, we’re glad that’s over. Tonight, Denver Democratic Mayor Michael Hancock beat run-off challenger Jamie Giellis to reclaim his mayoral title for a third term. He defeated her by 11.2% at last update and she conceded the race around 10 p.m.

While Team Hancock is celebrating tonight, there’s really little to celebrate. This was one of the most ridiculous elections we’ve ever seen. Neither candidate proved him or herself worthy of the job and it was a race to the bottom. Just over one-third of eligible voters turned in ballots. Giellis made unforced error after unforced error from not purging her social media account (why even ask why cities have Chinatowns – they’re awesome and delicious) to questionably racist comments and fundraisers.

Hancock keeps slipping through sieves that would ensnare any other candidate. Potentially visiting prostitutes, sexually harassing subordinates and then claiming it’s not sexual harassment if she was into it (!!!). Hancock’s wife could not be reached for comment. Can you imagine any other candidate with this history being elected much less re-elected? Nonetheless, it appears as thought this might be the end of the line for Hancock. While he had been discussed as a potential gubernatorial or Congressional candidate, his own gaffes this election cycle might have clipped his wings for bigger things.

Despite Hancock’s clear win, all was not well for his allies in the Denver City Council. As of right now, former City Council President Albus Brooks is down two points to self-described socialist Candi CdeBaca, City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman has lost to Amanda Sawyer, and City Councilman Wayne New is losing to his challenger Chris Hinds. It’s a great night for the furthest left of left of candidates. It’s a bad night for incumbents. Then, again, not every ballot has been counted yet. See magic mushrooms.

The left is now fully ruled by the Bernie wing of the party. Good luck with that, Democrats.