Michael Bennet declared Tuesday he has met one of two magic qualifiers to get on the presidential debate stage with the big boys and girls later this month, but that might not be enough to land the gig.

Bennet finally reached the 1% approval rating in at three Democrat Party-approved polls.

The problem, and there are several, Bennet’s in 21st place for a debate of 20 candidates on June 26 and 27 in Miami.

The tie-breaker, Bennet would have to meet the other qualification, 65,000 individual donors.

Considering Bennet only hit the 1% in the last qualifying poll because of his support by voters who have never even heard of him, we’re guessing this will be a long-shot.

And how is it possible the majority of Democrats still haven’t noticed Bennet?

He’s literally the establishment’s establishment, and his bro is the editorial page editor of the New York times — the Messaging Mothership for liberal ideas.

Bennet’s still at the bottom of the barrel, along with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Miramar, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam and Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, who still have until June 12th to meet the polling qualification and knock Bennet aside.

While bragging about meeting the bare minimum polling requirement, Bennet’s campaign appears bitter about the whole process.

Bennet’s campaign spokeswoman Shannon Beckham called the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) basic standards a “power play.”

“It’s a shame the DNC has set up a system to reward cable TV hits and short-term fundraising tactics, instead of facilitating a competition of ideas. The DNC should be lifting up credible voices—not excluding them.”