Revolutionaries Organizing Communities for Kids (ROCK), currently an anonymous group (later revealed to be the brainchild of a losing candidate) of self-described “social justice warriors,” is papering Denver with flyers seeking like minded comrades to vote in a slate of candidates that “champion student equity, strengthen the voice of educators, and reverse the privatization of public schools.”

Although this is laughable, one must seriously ask, can this be any worse that the dumpster fire that Denver Public Schools already is?

The group put up a Facebook page, registered with the Secretary of State, and plans to do “lit drops” every day between now and the election, but they will not disclose who organizes and owns ROCK, although there is one post that shows its mascot, a big dog wearing sunglasses, with an image of the photographer clearly reflected in the dog’s shades.

Commenters have asked for disclosure on who is behind the group, but they refuse to name names, calling it a decentralized effort.  This is ironic, considering one of the group’s three core values is transparency.

Maybe this will all become more clear on June 29th, when ROCK hosts a candidate summit at the Corky Gonzales Library.  The group created a two-page candidate questionnaire, including a pledge to reject support from school reform groups, a promise to “reverse the privatization of public schools,” as well as stack ranking priorities such as air conditioned classrooms, stopping charter expansion, and increasing the administrative role of teachers.

This would be mildly entertaining, if it wasn’t for the fact that thousands of children, especially those losers of the geography lottery who are forced into failing public schools that so-called social justice warriors support, have their future on the line.  We cannot imagine ROCK’s attempts to make things better would be anything other than disastrous.