On Friday night, the Denver Post dumped a hilarious op-ed by liberal Governor Jared Polis, who claimed that his legislative priorities were mostly bipartisan. That’s hilarious. Was he watching the same legislative session that everyone else was? Here’s exactly what he or his staff wrote in the Post op-ed:

“Best of all, most of the progress we made this year was done on a bipartisan basis.”


That may be true of full-day kindergarten, but there were a host of highly-controversial bills that went through without Republican support due to the Democratic triumvirate (Democrats control the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion). Just off the top of our heads, we could point to the National Popular Vote, a measure that would tie Colorado’s electoral vote to the national popular vote (alternate name: The Hillary Clinton needed more electoral votes bill); the radical oil and gas measure that has the potential to destroy one of the state’s largest industries; anti-landlord bills that would increase the cost of rent; the Red Flag bill, which would allow the government to seize guns from mentally ill without appropriate due process (the only bipartisan thing about this piece of legislation was the opposition), and the sex ed bill until it was watered down. Certainly there are more.

In fact, even the Fort Collins Coloradoan highlighted this fact:

“It’s hard to call the recently wrapped 2019 legislative session anything less than a steadily completed checklist of Democratic priorities.”

While we appreciate the Governor’s attempts to rewrite history with misleading statistics, such as 95% of bills had bipartisan support, it’s naive of him to not recognize that those 5% of bills were the truly important ones. It’s great that there was bipartisan support for a large number of procedural votes, which is how one gets to that 95% number; however, the bills with huge impact, like the oil and gas legislation, didn’t have bipartisan support – only bipartisan opposition.

Voters aren’t dumb. They recognize overreach when they see it and Democrats and Governor Polis went beyond overreach this legislative session to an almost dictatorial stance, refusing to consult with stakeholders or Republicans on legislation.

Don’t fall for Democrats’ attempts to rewrite the clusterf&@% that this past legislative session was. It was bad for Colorado and really bad for Democrats. This is just damage control at its worst. Shame on the Denver Post for even printing something so intellectually dishonest.