Stealing the red vote.

Activists are clearing working overtime to get a measure on the ballot to overturn the National Popular Vote law in Colorado.

They’ve already collected 100,000 signatures of nearly 125,000 required by Aug. 1, and say they intend to gather another 100,000 to make sure the recall question is put to the voters.

For those residing under the proverbial rock, the National Popular Vote Act passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature and signed into law by Gov. Polis means Colorado votes would be awarded to whomever California, New York, and other largely populated states elect in presidential contests.

Colorado’s vote, literally, would no longer count and presidential candidates would no longer feel the need to court us.

The troubling trend of state legislatures controlled by Democrats passing this law and joining the national compact was thankfully interrupted by Nevada’s Democrat governor, who actually read the damn thing and realized what a horrible idea it is.

While National Popular Vote, Inc., claims to be a bipartisan organization, most of its major contributors are liberals know for backing progressive causes, like George Soros’s son, Allen, whose foundation kicked in $1 million.

Their goal is obvious — to steal control of fly-over country’s presidential power, which tilts heavily to the right, and shove it all the way to the left.