Gov. Polis delivered a sharp rejection of Denver Post editors and readers and their name selection for the rock that smashed Highway 45 down Cortez and Telluride way on Memorial Day weekend.

Instead of removing the boulder, the Polis administration decided to rebuild the road around it and Polis memorialized said rock forever more with the name Memorial Rock.

Polis’s selection has about as much imagination as naming a Dalmatian “Spotted Dog,” and is inappropriate, as we will explain in a minute.

Post editors attempted to usurp the Rock Czar and came up with their own proposed names, and the majority of the 900 readers who voted selected Rocky McRocker Face.

Coming in second place was Rocky Road, followed by our favorite in third place, Tourist Trap.

Polis insists the rock should “remember and honor brave troops for their service,” because it fell on the eve of the eve of the eve of Memorial Day.

Memo to Polis: Veterans Day celebrates the troops for their service, Memorial Day is for honoring those who died in service to their country.

You’re the governor, learn the difference!

Here’s his full statement:

Stay tuned. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if Polis created a Bureau of Distinguished Rocky Mountain Rocks and hired a slew of new government employees to designate and name each.