Democratic former Colorado Governor and current U.S. Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper will be in Washington, D.C. to chastise fellow liberal presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is hellbent on doing away with capitalism in favor of Sanders’ preferred “Democratic socialism” otherwise known free $h!t in exchange for votes.

We almost feel bad for Hick. He’s not a bad guy, but his party has moved so far left that his prepared remarks could easily be exchanged for GOP talking points (as opposed to American idealism) at this point.

Take this for example:

“…it would be a grave mistake to abandon the American entrepreneurial spirit that has always been at our country’s core. The reality is that socialism increases tax burdens on working families while failing to solve the problems it claims to address.”

Pretty sure those words could have actually been lifted from one of our posts (and may have – it sounds like something we’d say).

The big question for John Hickenlooper is whether he can realistically run as a Democrat for U.S. President. The Democratic base is so out there right now that they’ve completely lost touch with reality. If Hick can’t run as a Democrat for President, does he run for Senate as a Democrat…or does he come home to Colorado and attempt to run for U.S. Senate as some kind of independent?

Isn’t this the test his BFF, Kent Thiry, a proponent of the third party, has been building infrastructure for?